Trailer for “Requiem for Herstory”

Tiffony & I worked on this film over the summer!  It is an Indie short which we hope will become a feature!  The entire crew became family to us & it was a truly amazing experience.  We even learned a new language called “Kathorean”!  More to come!

Short Summary: A story of a young girl who experiences a strange metamorphosis under the pressure of her parent’s ambition.

Requiem For Herstory (Trailer) from Tim Gill on Vimeo.

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  • Tim Gill says:

    you ladies were so incredible to work with. your talent for precision and consistency from scene to scene and day to day was astonishing. as a d.p., i felt no stress over the hair and make-up department. your work speaks for itself! i hope to work with you again very soon.

    tim gill

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