The Ninja arrives under the cover of the night’s blackness. Her skills are exclusive to her field’s elite, smooth, precise, and silent. She has chosen to accept her mission, and there are no missteps, no falters. The darkness envelopes her, and before her victim has a chance to blink, the deed is done.

Ninja by Jules – More Than Makeup: a.k.a. THE ONLY EYELINER YOU’LL EVER NEED!

I can’t think of a more perfect name for this jet black liner. Clearly, the metaphor is without fault. The smoothest of ebonies, this pencil glides effortlessly onto your eyelids, sealing into place within seconds. Black eyeliner is a kit staple, making lashes look fuller, eyes look sultrier, and creativity abound.

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Basically for me, a liner has to have the following requirements:

• Affordability ($15).
• Powerful pigment.
• Glides on easily and smoothly.
• Long-lasting wear.
• Blendability.

Ninja checks all five on the list!

You know that back-to-school feeling? It always makes me want to amp up my beauty routine, so for the past couple weeks I’ve been rocking a seriously smoky eye. I use a brown base to soften it, but there’s lots of black eyeshadow involved. I use Ninja to line my water line (no scratching or sheerness) and smudge it between my lashes, then I color the outer corner of my lid in it and quickly smudge it with my finger. Instant intensity!

Picture 2(3)
And four words.


I can’t stand it when I bring the drama, and a couple hours later my outer diva has morphed into more of a sleepy kitten. When I want a black eyeliner, I demand deep and dramatic.

(I promise I’m not a prima donna – I just have standards. Right?)

Jules – More Than Makeup did it again, I have to say! I am completely smitten with everything in this line, but there’s just something about wearing a product called Ninja that just feels so…COOL!



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