Nail Polish: Everything is prettier in PINK!

Spring is finally arriving, and I could not be happier! I have been craving sandals, pastels, and weather in the 70’s since the beginning of February. I was also getting a little burnt out with winter nail colors, and am SO ready for all of my favorite shades of pink! There are so many different brands of nail polish, and not to mention the never-ending list of colors for each brand. Over the years I have tried out a massive amount, from extremely cheap to a bit pricey. Since I change my nail color every week. (I know that might sound crazy) I have found my favorite pinks for every occasion!

OPI in La paz-itively hot: This has been my favorite hot pink nail polish since high school. To me it is the perfect ‘Barbie pink’ and probably my favorite color in general for any occasion. OPI makes great, thick nail polish and is my preferred brand for darker shades. You can get away with only painting one coat with their polish, but I always stick with two for the richest color.

Essie in Fiji: I discovered Essie nail polish about 5 years ago when a fashion blogger I followed blogged about it. I love all of Essie’s colors, but especially their lighter shades. A lot of the time with light pinks and nudes, the actual color doesn’t show up on your nails, however with Essie they always do! Fiji is the perfect pinky-nude color that always looks clean and classy. I definitely suggest two coats, and to let the first coat almost dry completely before painting the second.

 Sally Hansen in Rosy Outlook: This is my go-to rosy pink color. Sally Hansen’s ‘Complete Manicure’ polishes are my preference for this brand. They paint on nice and smooth, and have good quality brushes. I love a rosy shade when I want somewhere between a nude and a hot pink, it’s a nice subtle color.  On a side note, Sally Hansen’s top coat is my all time favorite! 

Butter London in Rosie Lee: Last but definitely not least is a glittery pink! Glitter is always a yes in my opinion. You can do just an accent nail, or go ahead and paint them all glittery! This polish is even prettier then it looks once it’s on your nails.

I hope your trip down the polish isle is quicker and easier now that you have four fun pinks to narrow down your search! I mean everything really is prettier in pink. 

 <3 Mandy

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