Merry Halloween! A Cindy Lou Who Hair Tutorial!


Let’s get in the Halloween spirit, and sing Christmas carols?

Dressing up is my favorite thing about Halloween- and maybe the excuse to eat lots of Reese Cups- but with Christmas being my all time favorite holiday, why not dress up as a Christmas character?! Let me introduce you to the, the, the, THE GRINCH!

Well, not actually The Grinch, but to cute little Cindy Lou Who! This can be a costume for Halloween and also perfect to wear to a Christmas party a couple months later! The most important part of becoming Cindy Lou Who is having the perfect Who hair! Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to achieve it!


What you need: Brush, comb, hairspray, clip, clear hair ties, curling iron, bobby pins, empty water bottle.


Step 1: Make a circle section at the top of your head and clip it out of the way. (I leave out some front pieces, this is your preference.)


Step2: Part your hair down the middle, and braid each side, so you have pigtail braids.

Step 3: Take the circle section and part down the middle horizontally. 


Step 4: Back comb the inside part of each section, just enough to add a little cushion.

Step 5: Take your water bottle and put it in standing position in the middle of your circular section.

Step 6: Bring both front and back sections up and around the water bottle, and put a hair tie around your hair, right on top of the bottle. 


Step 7: Bobby pin each braid up close to the circle part.

Step 8: Curl both of the ends of your pinned braids, and the hair sticking out of your top section.

Step 9: Hairspray and add a red bow!

Side note: If your hair isn’t long enough for a water bottle, you can use anything- a mini water bottle, be creative!

Now all you need is some pink blush, winged eyeliner, and rosy lips and you will be the cutest little Cindy Lou Who, and of course the hit of the night with that fun hair! 


Send me your pictures!! 

<3 Mandy



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