Matching Makeup to Hair Color

Looking for a change??  Thinking of diving into the world of a different hair color?? Don’t forget to think about your makeup after you’ve made the plunge. That could be the make or break in whether you love your new locks or not!

Anytime you change your hair color from light to dark, cool to warm, or just shifting a little within your shade, your current makeup routine may need a little tweaking to complement your new do. Colors and tones you loved to wear as a blonde maybe a complete wash as a brunette or vice versa, and going red… well that is a horse of a different color! But no worries; it can be very simple to adjust and mixing products you already have will keep it budget friendly as well.

For the Face…

It is always important to get a good color match with your foundation no matter what. If you are going from light to dark the number one complaint I hear is feeling washed out. A simple solution is to apply some bronzer to give you a nice warm glow. Going from dark to light is usually a couple of month’s journey if you want to protect the health of your hair. So you may go through several different levels over this course of time depending on how dark you were and how light you want to be. It’s always fun to experiment with each. Just make sure to keep you skin glowing, which is true for red heads too! Use a tinted moisturizer, bb or cc cream, or simply just mix your foundation with your favorite moisturizer. Add in a little highlight in a “c” shape around the outer corners of the eyes, down the nose, above the cupid’s bow of the lips and and directly under you bottom lip. This compliments everyone!


A good rule of thumb to remember is hair color looks best when it looks like it naturally suites you. A big key to this is making sure your brows match it. They do not have to be an exact match, but too much of a contrast can end up making you look a little cartoony and… gasp FAKE! If you are going lighter with your hair, a shade or two darker works well. For darker hair, on shade or a shade below is a safe place to stay. Reds usually need to darken the brow a bit and use a color that has some warmth to it.  Of course you could always get your stylist to tint your brows at your next appointment, or you can grab a brow pencil and/or powders that you may already have in your bag and go to work.


A lot of this is up to you own personal style and comfort level with makeup. It is however your chance to play with different looks. A neutral soft smokey eye pretty much looks great on everyone. You could change it up a little with different eyeliners that are smudged out and blended. If you have lightened your hair, you may want to lighten your liner from black to a chocolate brown or fig. With brunettes, chocolate works but to intensify it black and even a dark plum will do the trick. Dark gray, chocolate and navy (for fun and intensity) work well on red heads!


The fun zone… This is your chance to play. Try colors that you would not have normally worn with your previous hair color. Mix colors you already have. Lighten darker colors with your concealer or a gloss. Deepen reds with some dark gel or kohl eye liner (mix on the back of your hand first:) This is your play ground, be as bold or subtle as you want to be!  

It’s all trial and error and up to you whether you love it or hate it! Have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously. With confidence, a positive attitude, and big smile, you can’t be anything but beautiful!



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