Making a list. Checking it twice. Will you end up on Santa’s naughty or nice?



With the holidays fast approaching and to do list a mile long it’s easy to slip into bad habits out of lack of time, stress, or just simply forgetting; therefore, I just wanted to point out a few simply ways you can avoid that naughty list and also keep yourself looking fabulous for all of those holiday parties and opinionated family members. Hey, you know who I’m talking about…we’ve all got them! lol

Naughty #1: Sleeping in your make up is a major no-no… Wash your face and apply some moisturizer before bed. You skin will surely thank you!  

  Naughty #2: Don’t skip the SPF. I’ll say it again, don’t skip the SPF! This is such an important part of your daily routine, EVEN IN THE WINTER, and we all know the benefits are numerous!


 Naughty #3: Even if you are just revamping your makeup for a holiday party after a busy day at work or shopping, PLEASE don’t curl you lashes if they already have mascara on them. That is a no-no regardless and you may find yourself missing several lashes if you do 🙁



Naughty #4: No picking at dry chapped lips (you should do a sugar scrub :)…but really, just don’t pick at anything on your face, bumps, ect… It’s just not a good idea. It can lead to a longer recovery time and even scaring.

Naughty #5: Please don’t comb out your wet hair with a brush after you shower! This makes me cringe and causes your hair lots of damage… especially you long hair girls! Just use a big tooth comb, the health of your hair is worth it!

So now that you are aware a just a few “naughty” habits, I know that you will be “nice” to yourself and along with changing those, get plenty of H2O and rest (when and if possible). Wear a smile while enjoying and making the most of your time with your loved ones. Those are the things that matter most, the memories that will last forever, and the thing that will make your heart happy this holiday season 🙂


Hope Santa is extra good to you this year! Wishing you and yours the very best holiday!

Lots of Love,



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