With the excitement of the New Year in the air and resolutions fresh on our mind, it is the perfect time to plan a makeup swap!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to clean out and organize my stuff… that includes my makeup bag! As I was going through all the things that I didn’t use in it and that were just taking up valuable real estate, I thought to myself it would be such a shame to just throw these items away. (Which, by the way, is what always happens when I’m trying to organize my things and I end up never getting rid of anything… It’s not hoarding unless you admit you have a problem… Right?)  So to not be wasteful and to relinquish some of the guilt associated with throwing out perfectly good items, why not get your friends together and exchange some unwanted products. Everyone has them! Whether it’s a freebie from a counter special, a purchase that you just thought was going to be the perfect color, or a gift from your favorite aunt that’s just not your style, they could workout perfect for one of your friends. Why not? Your trash might just be someone else’s treasure! Hence, the idea of a makeup swap…


How it Works:

Invite over some friends. Keep in mind that you will be swapping makeup so I find that it is easier to do with close friends and a smaller crowd.

 Set some ground rules. Hey it’s your party so plan it the way you want it to go. These are just a few ideas of ways to make it run smoother and places to start. Suggest that everyone bring gently used and unopened items to swap and arrive on time. It is crucial for set up. Keep away from mascara and lip glosses with dip in wand applicators. Also sanitize all of the opened products before they are used and all products in between multiple users.

Divide items into stations. Have a lip, eyes, face, nail, and even hair station to keep things organized. A sanitation station is also a must. Stock it with a spray bottle of alcohol, brush cleaner, face wipes, small makeup spatulas, cotton balls, q-tips, makeup sponges, and pencil sharpeners.

 Then you’re ready to start swapping. Have your guest draw numbers for an order to pick. Everyone starts by choosing one item until all of the wanted products have been chosen. Trash the items that remain that have been opened and donate the unused products that are left to your local women’s shelter. 


Fun things to add to your party would be having everyone share their favorite beauty secret or product. It’s a good way to learn about tricks you may have never heard of. Also you could have your guest bring a photo of their worst fashion mistake or at least describe it. That’s always good for a laugh and at least it’s with your best friends. Also, when I host a party I always like to have a signature cocktail. It’s just a nice little treat and you could name it something fun like a “lip smacker” to go with the party theme. All in all, it should be a fun time with friends that will help you get rid of unwanted items and maybe find a great new product! Happy swapping!



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  • Luis says:

    A super interesting idea, original and above all useful to the planet that is in danger, because it cares for the environment. And as you say what's garbage can be a treasure for others. Congratulations on the initiative


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