MAC Product Review: Is it a toothbrush or a makeup brush?

Makeup lovers and artists alike obsess over brushes.  It’s hard to describe the feeling of running a soft makeup brush over the back of your hand, or the happiness of finding the exact texture and density of bristles you’ve been searching for.  I’ve never wished to have a makeup brush with bristles on its side, but MAC recently invented three that sold out quickly!  Rumor has it Diorshow mascara’s iconic brush was inspired by the backstage technique of applying mascara with a toothbrush, and these brushes promise to revolutionize your daily makeup application.

Like I said in the beginning, soft makeup brush bristles always lure me in, so I decided to buy just one, choosing the medium sized Oval 3 Brush.  Its synthetic bristles are silky but are densely packed, giving them structure.

Its purpose is primarily for eyeshadow, concealer, and blending.  I’ve had it for a couple weeks, and I’m definitely not admitting to almost accidentally covering it with toothpaste.  (I swear it never made it in my mouth!)

My experience with this brush was a little awkward, which I think is to be expected when trying something so foreign.  There were a couple of pros and cons to its performance.


  • It applied my favorite concealer, a pressed mineral powder by Naked Minerals, beautifully under my eyes.
  • It deposited eyeshadow with little to no fall out on my face.
  • I was able to develop an easy technique for applying a lip stain by pressing the color into the center of my lips and blending outward.


  • It was a little cumbersome to apply concealer anywhere else – not quite small enough for blemishes.
  • The eyeshadow wouldn’t blend easily with it.  It definitely required an extra fluffy brush to blend the colors together, even more so than a regular shadow brush.
  • The artsy feeling of applying my makeup vanished.  It felt more like I was cleaning or using a very small Clarisonic.

In summary, I’m glad I bought the brush, because I will definitely continue to apply concealer with it, and I was also really impressed with the lack of fall out with eyeshadow application.  I don’t think I’d be happy with my makeup using these brushes exclusively, but as a step in the process, I really do like it!

Let us know how your experiences go with MAC’s new Masterclass brush line!



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