Laura Geller Product Review: Eye Spackle

Laura Geller’s line of “spackle” products has received lots of publicity, and the idea that you can simply spackle your flaws away like applying gesso to a canvas is certainly appealing.  I placed an order for the Laura Geller Waterproof Eye Spackle Hues Advanced Primer & Eyeshadow in Neutralizer on my favorite website for fantastic beauty product deals on Hautelook.  It took about a month to arrive in my mailbox (one of the downsides of getting an awesome price on something is an extended shipping time), so it has been greatly anticipated.

I have to say, I have not been disappointed.

This product comes in a variety of colors, but Neutralizer is going to be the best bet for most women.  Its peachy tone counteracts the blues and purples that are found around the eyes.  If you think of the flaws on your skin as colors on a color wheel, concealing them is that much easier.  Neutralizing a color is as simple as finding its complement on the color wheel.  Red is cancelled out by green, blues and purples by yellows and oranges, and so on.

The genius of this product doesn’t end at it being the perfect color to cancel out dark circles and veins around the eyes, but it is also waterproof and non-creasing.  It works well as a base for eyeshadow because it lasts all day and creates a smooth surface for applying shadow.

I love it as a base, but my favorite placement for it is under my eyes, especially in the inner corners.  Its color counteracts my dark circles along with a vein I’ve fought to hide all my life, and because it is made to be an eyeshadow base, it doesn’t cake up or crease under my eyes.  It stays smooth and makes my eyes look bright and wide awake all day.

My overall review is that this product is fantastic and definitely worth trying!  I’m looking forward to trying more in this line!



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