With the holidays right around the corner, I was super excited to get the opportunity to use Jules – More Than Makeup to create a look for The South magazine! (Stay tuned for December/January issue!)
IMG_8676This look combined a couple classics – the JMTM Redy or Not Everlip – a FAVORITE of everyone who tries it because is the perfect universal red lip, along with Ninja, that incredible eyeliner you can read about here, and buy here! (And trust me, you want to buy both of these! Think about stocking stuffers!)

I also got to use something new, which I absolutely loved! The silver Evershadow, which will be available online very soon, created the perfect glam holiday eye easy as, well, pie…pecan pie, with whip cream…I digress. Check out the available colors, and sign up here to be updated as new colors are released!

So, you’ve got to have a red lip for your holiday parties, that’s a given. It’s the “It” color of the season, and with one that lasts as amazingly as Redy or Not, you won’t even have to worry about retouching when you fill your plate with seconds and thirds. Redy or Not was featured in Savannah Magazine’s gift guide as one of THE stocking stuffers of the year!
The eyes speak really speak to people though, and seeing family that you haven’t seen since last year, making a glowing impression is really easy to do with this silver Evershadow.

Apply from the inner corner and lash line and blend upward. I like to concentrate it in the inner corner, because that sparkle really makes your IMG_8677eyes pop. Use a flat brush to apply, then quickly blend it with a clean fluffy brush. For the look for the magazine, I used a medium brown shade in the outer corner of the eyes, then blended it inward. The fun thing about a silver base is that it can either stand alone, or it will add some pizzazz to ANY color eyeshadow you add on top of it.

I’ve been told all my life to only wear gold because I have warm skin, but I’ve come up with a sneaky trick to make silver makeup look good on me – apply gold eyeshadow over the top of it! It becomes this beauty champagne color, a “warm silver”, and I just love champagne! 😉

Another option (and the options truly are endless) is to do your eyelid in your regular look, then take the silver Evershadow with a thinner brush and line the bottom of your eye. A gorgeous pop of festive, without committing to too much glitz!

We would love to see your holiday looks, and keep an eye out for the next South magazine, coming your way next month!

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