I am a total child of the 90s. From the music/music videos, to the must-see TV, to the fashion and beauty trends; I love all things 1990’s.  Honestly, there is a small part of me that still wants to be Janet Jackson when I grow up!


The 90s was the last great era of the supermodel.  Cindy, Naomi, Christy, Linda, Niki and Claudia were household names, and we all had our favorites.  I spent many hours watching Cindy Crawford host MTV’s House of Style absorbing all the knowledge I possibly could.  Minimal “no-makeup, makeup” looks were the way of the early-to-mid 1990’s, featuring warm, autumnal tones like taupes, brick reds, browns, apricots and mauves.  Skin and eye shadow finishes were more on the matte side with the focus of the eye being bold, black eyeliner and thinner brows. Lips were full and heavily lined in neutral tones like browns, nudes, mauves, reds.  Now if you really embraced the 90s spirit, your favorite black or brown eye pencil also doubled as your go-to lip liner… no need to be shy, we all did it.

Since the 1990’s, the minimal, sculpted look has been a mainstay on designer’s runways; however, 2013 has seen a resurgence of 90s inspired makeup with celebrities on the red carpet.  With fall soon upon us, I do not see this warm-toned trend slowing down any time soon.

The gorgeously statuesque Kat Dennings – of CBS’s ‘2 Broke Girls’ – has demonstrated a beautiful way to bring 90s makeup to a modern era.  Thicker brows are all the rage these days and also give a more youthful appearance to your overall look.  By thickening the brow, bringing the shadow underneath the eye for a smoky effect, and adding a touch of shimmer to the tear duct, Kat has added a bit of modern flair to a timeless look. 

I am sure we all remember the iconic 90s lip that featured a strongly defined lip line, making your black or brown eye pencil work double duty.  The best way to modernize this very specific trend is by blending that strong lip line into a modern and oh-so-fashionable ombre lip.  I created this look by applying my lip color first, then applying the dark liner along my lip line (I used chocolate brown eyeliner), then I blended that harsh line towards the center of the lip using a small lip brush creating a soft transition from dark to light.

To create the rest of my “I love the 90s” look, I started by priming my face with my Temptu Smooth & Matte Primer to create a soft matte base for my foundation. I used two different colored Temptu AIRpod foundations to create a base of depth and dimension on my skin.  For my eyeshadow, I turned to my Meet Matt(e) Nude palette by The Balm – which is “the bomb”! – in Matt Rosen, followed by cream eyeliner by MAC in Blacktrack.  To create the sculpted 90s cheek, I used Bahama Mama bronzer also by The Balm.  And after filing my brows (Sephora retractable brow pencil) and concealing under my eye (Temptu undereye concealer), I created my ombre red lip using NYX lipstick in Hestia and NYX gel eyeliner in brown following the same technique listed above.

Aight my Dollface peeps, I’m outy!  I hope you embrace your own personal 90s-inspired style.  Until we chat again, know that I think you are all that and a bag of chips!

Peace out,


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