How To Wear Blue Eyeshadow!

Blue eyeshadow is something I (and the friend who requested this blog) have observed being worn in excess or avoided entirely.  In the defense of the girls who love Love LOVE some blue, makeup is supposed to be fun, but we are bombarded with images like this…

…which is the exact reason the girls who avoid it are afraid of it.

Makeup can tread that line between high fashion haute couture daring and fun girl-next-door darling.  Knowing how to be subtle in your application, or when it is appropriate to be more bold, is the key to pulling off any color God didn’t put on your eyelids.  Some days we just feel more festive!

This first look is the easiest one, but we forget sometimes that you don’t have to do a whole lot to make an impact.  Simplicity is beautiful.  Keeping the top lid light and neutral allows the blue on the bottom to speak for itself, without being overwhelming.  The blue line can be drawn using a waterproof eyeliner, or a flat brush dipped in your choice of color.  (Mix with water or a setting spray to add intensity to powder.)

The second look is one of my favorites because it makes a statement while at the same time being appropriate for daytime, perfect for a late summer barbeque.  Coral and turquoise are such a flattering combination.  The trick with this particular look is to keep the pop of color subtle, and because it is only placed on the outer corner of the lid, extra care should be taken to blend.  (Use a clean, fluffy brush – not the same one you applied the shadow with – and move across the lid in a sweeping, windshield wiper motion.)  Lots of mascara, and a matte, not-too-perfect coral lip add a flirty retro vibe.

Number three brings the drama!  I used two smoky grey-blues, one lighter than the other, and blended them into black on the outer corner.  (With dark eyeshadow, you are definitely better off applying your under eye concealer last.  This gives you a chance to dust off any fall out, and keep the look extra clean.)  I pressed in the lighter blue first, concentrating on the inner part of my lid.  The center got a deeper blue treatment, and the outer corner, a matte black.  Remember earlier, when I told you to blend?  You do the same thing here, taking a little bit of extra time to fade the colors into one another.  Black liner top and bottom, and gobs of mascara and/or lashes finish the eyes.  I wore matte nude lipstick with this eye, to give a little bit of a 70’s feel, and to keep attention on my eyes.

Of course, these are only a few of the things you can do with blue (or any color for that matter) eyeshadow.  Try something new.  The first rule of having fun with makeup is there are no rules…except blending.  Blending is pretty important!

If you have a beauty blog request, write us!  We love helping people love makeup just as much as we do!



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