Camping + Beauty Routine = Happy Camper???

I recently went on my first real camping trip, and by real I mean a tent, no running water to speak of, and electricity… what is that?… Real camping. Now for the girl that always packs a separate bag for toiletries, i.e. hair and makeup, this was a source of serious PANIC. Not wanting to look like “that girl” to the other campers I decided it was time to simplify! And I actually made it an entire weekend without a suitcase full of beauty products. Gasp! The time and effort it saved me was, to put it mildly, liberating. This got me thinking that new moms, hard working professionals, and even busy students might be able to benefit from some simplification of their own routine.

First I thought, “What are my necessities?”…

Coconut oil- I use it for everything, facial cleanser, eye makeup remover, moisturizer, lip balm, the list goes on, not to mention it’s my favorite cooking oil!

SPF- you should not ever walk outside of your house without it on. Period!

Dry Shampoo- I’m so excited about this product Redken just released… It’s called Pillow Proof. My clients are loving it because it extends their blow outs for days and it weathered the test of time on my trip. It’s a two part system (so it did take up a little room in my bag). Part one is a primer, add your favorite styling products next, blow dry as usual and use part two as a refresher (dry shampoo) daily.

Bobby Pins- This may seem a little indulgent but they save my hair daily and if you are ever in a pinch, just channel your inner MacGyver… think of all the things he could’ve made happen with them!

Baby wipes- the possibilities are endless.

For my makeup (yes I wore some… vanity never dies) I prepped with a little coconut oil, a baby wipe and SPF. I dusted my face lightly with a pressed powder. They are great for quick even coverage. The Dollface girls always rely on Naked Minerals. Find it at


I then filled in my brows a bit, added some mascara, a little bronzer around the hairline, cheeks, and chin, and finished it off with a little tinted lip balm. To tell you the truth I’ve continued to keep up this look ever since and I love it, not to mention the time it saves me! I sprayed a little dry shampoo in my hair and pinned it up and I was ready to go for the day. 

Sometimes simplicity reigns!

 Photo by Erin Rene Photography Makeup by Emily Warren, Dollface by Jules So for all of my friends and family that laughed at the thought of me on this venture… I survived! Just because I enjoy makeup and hair and making things beautiful doesn’t mean that I don’t find beauty and enjoyment of nature and natural elements. In fact I think people are the most beautiful when they are natural and being outdoors inspires me. It was nice to be away from technology and the constant beep of my phone. I’m even looking forward to my next camping trip!

I hope this finds you all happy campers!

Until next time,



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