Beauty Bug Out Bag (“So when stuff goes bad, you can bug out!”)

My husband is a bit of a zombie apocalypse buff.  (If I saw an undead character roaming the neighborhood, MY first reaction would be to study his appearance in order to duplicate the realistically rotting skin and rabid wildness with makeup.  Hubby’s would be more of the destructive nature.  Yes, we have these bizarre conversations.)  His determination to prepare our household for any range of world altering events resulted in a new project – stocking a “bug out bag”.  This bag is one that is supplied with emergency paraphernalia and survival tools, including emergency blankets, a first aid kit, and other basic necessities.  The gist of it is that if forced out of our home with no time to pack, we will be ready.

So weird, right?

But actually pretty practical.

All this preparedness for unforeseen circumstances inspired me to think about my own bug out bag, of the beauty variety.  He and I discussed it, and we decided to limit my selection to three items, because really, if we are running from zombies through the wilderness, who has time to primp?  (Also, hauling my fifty pound Zuca just wouldn’t be an option.)  My products of choice were required to be multitasking and somewhat practical, but I was able to bargain in my desert island beauty product of choice!  Drumroll please!

1.       Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is quite possibly my favorite beauty product of all time!  It’s basically the holy grail of makeup artists and skin care professionals around the world because of the many things it can do.  Not only can I use it as a lip gloss/protectant while I’m braving unfamiliar woods, but I can apply it to a skinned knee, keep my brows groomed, moisturize my undereye area or my cuticles, or soothe a burn.  I use it every day anyway in a million different ways!

2.       Tamara’s Healing Oil is a godsend.  I use it as a nighttime face moisturizer because its combination of nine natural antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal healing oils is the cure all for acne or irritation.  However, this miracle can also be used on everything from athlete’s foot to diaper rash to cuts.  This oil layered underneath the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream makes magic happen, and it was a no brainer to be a part of my beauty bug out bag.

3.       MASCARA!  The end.  (What can I say?  I have to at least be able to flutter my lashes wandering through the wasteland that used to be the world.)

I thought I could never pick just three, but it was actually fun!  What’s in your beauty bug out bag?




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