Beauty Bootcamp: Simple Steps to Tighten Up your Beauty Routine!



Bootcamp is not just fitness. The idea can be applied to any areas you may need to tighten up, trim down, or simply just need a little attention. Whether you are a single girl out on the town, housewife, or working mom, you need to reserve sometime out of your busy day for you… And that includes grooming! Hey, even the baboons do it!

            So let’s get started! Paying attention to minor details can pay off in big ways. Take your eyebrows for example; keeping (or in some cases establishing) a brow shape and filling in the sparse areas can make a world of difference for your face. The brows help to frame the face and can add an instant lift! Who wouldn’t like a little of that??  My favorite product to assist with this is the Kevin Acuion brow pencil. Its tiny point helps you feather in small hair-like strokes that look very natural. Then you can follow with the brush side to blend. You can find this product at Brow powders or taupe shadows also work well. Keep them in place with some brow gel or a little hair spray on a tooth brush. To add a more precision come under the brow line with your face powder and blend with a q-tip. Still need help? Leave it to the professionals! Visit Jessica at the studio for an eyebrow sugaring She’ll get you started on the right foot!


Brows are important and a huge statement this season…so stay tuned there are more details to come!

            Still with me? I know that was tough but we’re working out our lips next! The winter months can be brutal to our perfect pout so adding a little lip scrub can help keep those lips stay nice and kissable. If you don’t have one you can follow Jules’ recipe or simply brush them with your tooth brush after you finish with your teeth (but don’t forget to add a little coconut oil afterwards). Come on guys, there’s no excuse… You can do this!

            Let’s give those hands a little attention too! Don’t give up now we’re half way there. Coconut oil, a beauty wonder product, can be used as a hand moisturizer and cuticle oil.  Pop some socks in the dryer for a couple of minutes and get them nice a warm, lather your hands up with coconut oil and place the warm socks over your hands like mittens. The warmth will help drive the oil into your skin and soften the areas that need it most… Plus it will make you fill all nice and cozy J. After a few minutes remove the socks and push back you cuticles, leaving the nails nice and ready for a coat of polish if time permits!

            Keep up the pace… this is the end!  But let’s not neglect the crowning jewel, our tresses. With the humidity dialing down a bit and the summer heat giving way, there might actually be a good hair day in our future! Referring back to our new best friend, you guessed it… coconut oil. It can be used as a great inexpensive hair treatment. Apply the coconut oil to dry hair, put a shower cap on, heat it with your blow dryer for several minutes, do some house work or check your email for about 20 to 30, then shampoo and style as normal. Now I like to make my hair sit up so you could add in some Velcro rollers in an old school roller set formation and achieve lots of bouncy volume. Way to go guys!


Whew! Now for the cool down…but remember to push up those brows, scrub those lips, and make that hair stand at attention. Your hard work will not go unnoticed so power through… You can do it! Happy training:)

Until next time,


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