I’ve moved from house to house my entire life.  Watching my mom and dad pack and unpack seamlessly as a child made moving seem as if it was simply transitioning our lives to another location, easy peasy!

As an adult, totally different story.  I am surrounded by boxes, losing my mind, peaking out from behind furniture, covered in tape and paper cuts and permanent marker and sweat, all the while trying to maintain not only my sanity, but my working girl status.

Hence, the five-minute face.

I start with my Temptu airbrush – I honestly don’t know how I lived before this system.  I can apply it in seconds, concentrating coverage where I need it most, and blending it into areas that don’t require so much.  This foundation gives me a flawless face without the time commitment.  I can do blush and base in about three minutes, and it stands up to the summer heat so I don’t have to be afraid my makeup will melt off if I’m working.


I like to secondly apply lipstick – I’m currently obsessed with Stila’s Stay All Day lipstick in Dolce, a beautiful pinkish tan with some shimmer, and the color also happens to be my precious pomeranian’s name, which only makes me love it even more.  It lasts for hours, and Dolce is the perfect balance of natural and impactful.  I’ve always thought of lipstick as the finishing touch until recently, when I found that during a minimal makeup look, applying it even before doing my eyes allowed me to see how little eye makeup I could actually get away with as long as my lips were done.   And let’s be honest – applying lipstick is so much quicker than eye makeup.


I then tackle my sparse brows, filling them in with Smashbox Brow Tech in Ash Blonde to Medium Blonde, a favorite in my personal kit.  The taupe color is universally helpful and flattering. 


Since brows are so often overlooked in an everyday makeup look, having my brows properly shaped, groomed, and filled in gives the impression that I spent much more time on my makeup than I actually did.  Powder gives brows more volume, while a pencil can draw in missing hairs.  Check out this slideshow by Elle magazine on other brow product recommendations and tips.

I finish with one or two coats of mascara, and voila!  A five minute face is complete and I can resume my busy schedule!  In summary, no matter your age or personal preferences in colors or brands, brows and lips are the keys to looking done up without actually being done up.  Although I hope to soon resume my half hour makeup routine, it’s always good to have a fast track strategy to fall back on for those days.  And everyone has those days!  



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