I Have Pink Eye…and it’s Contagious!

Blame it on Pinterest or the gorgeous models in his magazine
ads, but who hasn’t coveted the Michael Kors rose gold watch in the past year?  Rose gold EVERYTHING has been huge, so we
thought, why not try this super pretty shade in an unexpected way…as eyeshadow.

Pink and gold have always been used on the cheeks (Nars
Orgasm is a cult classic for its universal glow), but Make Up For Ever’s Aqua
Cream #5 just screamed to be used as a base on my eyelids.

(Insert Picture 5.)

I started by applying the base to my eyelids, followed by
Pur Minerals shadow in Amber to complement but slightly mute the brightness of
the Aqua Cream.  I then used The Balm
Bahama Mama bronzer as a crease color to stay with the warmth of the rose gold,
but further tame the brightness.  I was
going for an everyday look, so I didn’t want to make too much of a statement
(or make people wonder if I was coming down with something).

(Insert Picture 1A.)

Add mascara and liner, and I was good to go!  I felt especially glowy and beachy, despite
the morning’s crazy blind photoshoot!  (It’s
incredibly hard to take a selfie with closed eyes.)

(Insert Picture 1.)

Take some risks with your makeup today – it could be fun!



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