I do declare, Mint Julep is fantastic!

It’s finally time to share my 2nd addition to my beauty routine!  After adding Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to my routine, I then added a new Mint Julep mask from Queen Helen.  Funny thing is I purchased the mask a few months earlier partly due to Mint Julep being in the name, I live in Savannah, and partly because of the label’s claims of clearing up blackheads, reducing acne, all while leaving your skin clean, refreshed, and smooth.  Oh and it was also $1.69!  Boom goes the dynamite.  

So I get home and I completely chicken out of trying out my new mask since I was sporting a nice, clear complexion and was all-of-a-sudden afraid to try something new.  Oh and it was $1.69!  The same selling point of being super cheap became confirmation that I shouldn’t put anything so cheap and new on my face, at this time.  

After stumbling upon a review for the best mask ever, I was reintroduced to Miss Queen Helen and her Mint Julep magic.  The review raved about reducing acne, minimizing the appearance of pores, and getting a deep down clean.  This time my face wasn’t so clear and I wasn’t concerned about the lack of financial investment. 

This is the part where angels would sing in my story! (Mentally insert singing angels)  My sister-in-law, Justine, and I took the plunge together and it was WONDERFUL!  The minty smell was so fresh and invigorating!  My face did experience a slight burning feeling for a few seconds but Justine’s face was fine.  It only happened the first time and my guess would be that my eczema sensitive skin was adjusting.  My acne spots dried up and were clear within a couple of days.  The size and redness was down 50% almost immediately after the first use. 

Now the next steps are the most important!  After you deep clean, you must balance your PH levels.  Using the ACV toner will be perfect.  Next make sure to moisturize.  I personally love Grape Seed Oil (all skin types) or Vitamin E Oil (dry/eczema skin).  TIP: The oils are also the best makeup remover that makes your lashes grow!  Use an oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin.  Just please use something!  If you don’t, your skin will begin to over produce oils and lead you down a different road of issues.  

So there you have it dolls, Apple Cider Vinegar & Queen Helen’s Mint Julep.  An odd couple of strange smells but fantastically amazing in results and price! I hope you enjoy the random Queen Helen fan photos as much as we do!

Until next time DAH-lings! <3 Jules

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