I recently requested of my favorite stylist a pixie haircut, realizing that the daily struggle of blowdrying, heat tools, and product selection were futile against the combination of my hair texture and South Georgia’s humidity, not to mention my patience. After spending the past three years concentrating on growing out my “naturally” blonde locks, it took three haircuts within a week to get me to the ultimate cut, and watching the inches fall to the floor was a confusing mixture of emotions including heartbreak and liberation. Ultimately, I absolutely adore my new style. The way it falls naturally is a little bit boyish, with potential for many different “do’s” from girly to classic to edgy. I couldn’t be happier.

Styling oneself beneath a short haircut is different because the face is front and center. There is no hiding behind teasing and curls, and the androgyny of a stereotypically male cut on a woman requires a little more effort to bring out femininity in a face that is now showcasing bone structure. It’s easy though, and in my opinion, completely worth it!

Grooming is of the utmost importance. With short hair, the time you save on styling it should be replaced by extra attention to your skin. A great home regimen (see some of our previous blogs for awesome product and technique recommendations), along with monthly professional treatments or as recommended by your Esthetician will keep your skin glowing. Good skin can simplify your makeup, but the products I recommend are Stila BB Cream, Temptu airbush, and Naked Minerals. A light, natural foundation is the ultimate skin perfecting tool and the base of any look. Brows should also be immaculate, professionally shaped and maintained at home. A clean arch can make a world of difference in any face, especially those beneath a close crop.

The most feminine, attention-attracting features on a woman’s face are her eyes and lips. A short haircut really allows these to shine and gives the makeup enthusiast a real opportunity to play. Every celebrity has shorn off their hair at some point, so finding a signature look is as simple as finding a famous example. My personal favorite is Twiggy in the 1960s. The wide doll eyes and emphasis on lashes add a classic girliness that I’ve come to feel is part of my personal style. Yours could be red lips, or a cat eye, or different every day.


Short hair has only two rules:

Maintain groomed brows and a smooth complexion.

Make it your own!

Here’s a special shout out to Jordan Reddick of 30 Volume Salon in Statesboro, Georgia – thank you for always being the best at what you do! I love my new look!



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