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The time has come for me to share with you may all-time, favorite, can’t-live-without-it eye shadow…  “All That Glitters” is one of the first eyeshadows I ever bought from MAC (too many years ago) and remains a staple in my makeup bag to this day!  Out of all of the eyeshadows I own, “All That Glitters” is the one that gets replaced most often because I can honestly say that I wear it every single day.  As a matter of fact, I am scraping the edges of my current pan – it may be time to go shopping.

“All That Glitters” has been a member of MAC’s permanent collection for years, and with good reason!  Despite the name, “All that Glitters” the shadow neither glittery, nor is it truly gold.  With its soft shimmery pearl texture, “All That Glitters” has more of a champagne, pinky-bronze finish. The incredible versatility of this product is what keeps me coming back for more.  Worn alone, it brings a subtle brightness to the eye that is great for a daytime look and is especially workplace-friendly.  Sweep “All That Glitters over your entire lid, add some eyeliner and mascara and you are golden!  

This shadow also plays well with others.  Because of its smooth, bendable finish and it’s ability to pull a variety of different colors, “All That Glitters” works great as a base for more dramatic looks.  I have never meet a color that it doesn’t look great with, so consider using it in a supporting role with your favorite brown, purple, bronze, taupe and peach shadows.  Even black can’t dull the shine of this beauty.  When rocking a dramatic smoky eye, place a bit of “All That Glitters” on the peak of your lid for an extra pop of shimmer.  Or use a wet liner brush to create a shimmer eyeliner! 

When used as a highlight,”All That Glitters” brings a brightness and life back to the skin without spending the big bucks at the spa.  Placing some of this gorgeous shadow near your tear ducts makes you look well rested as though you have had 8 hours of sleep, applying some to the peak of your brow brings gives the appearance of a brow lift, and when worn on your cheek bone it makes your skin look fresh and moisturized.  Applied to the cupid’s bow of your lips (where your lips come together under your nose) helps to make your lips look fuller.  Is there anything this baby can’t do?!

No matter your age or skin tone this gorgeous shadow will work for you.  So RUN (don’t walk!) to your closest MAC retailer and pick up a pan of your own “All That Glitters” eye shadow.  Tell them Melissa sent you…
Sending you lots of makeup love,
Melissa xox

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