Are You There, Fairy Godmother? It’s Me, Ella.

When my phone chirped that evening, I had no idea that inside of a Facebook message would be a request that would ensure I would live my childhood career goal.  What might that be?  Why to be a real live princess, of course!


A little bit of back story on this one:  I was so convinced I was royalty when I was a child that the only punishment my parents could use productively was banning me from wearing a dress that day.  Just the threat of putting me in a pair of pants would scare me straight.  Bring on the pink, the ruffles, the piles of (costume) jewelry.  I was determined to charm my way into becoming the first American princess, complete with a sweet little sister forced into the role of Prince Charming, and it didn’t matter how many twirls, curtsies, and spontaneous bursts of song it would take.



The dress was provided, so all that was left for me to do was my makeup.  Well, I happen to have made a career of that, so bring it on!  The transformation was pretty in line with the Cinderella movie, since I happened to have spent the morning cleaning in rags.  Ok, sweats.  I was cleaning in sweats… that I love.  But for the sake of dramatization, I was in 21st century, Victoria’s Secret Pink rags.  So sad, poor me.  Come on, I was getting into character.  😉 

I pulled out the big guns in my makeup kit, including a full face of heavy foundation to create a two dimensional cartoon-esque face, and used one of my favorite nude eyeshadow bases, Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray primer.  My brows were rounded out with pencil and brow powder according to the shape of Cinderella’s movie brows, and I lined my water line with a white pencil to further exaggerate the cartoon effect.  A dramatic black liquid liner on the top and outer corner of the bottom, followed by copious amounts of mascara and a peach lip with a slightly darker lip liner:  BIPPETY BOPPETY BOO!  A ballroom-ready Cinderella stood before me in the mirror.

The party really was one of the coolest experiences ever!  I read the Cinderella story to a group of girls all dressed like each of the Disney princesses themselves, and signed a copy of a book for each of them as Cinderella.  Halleigh, the birthday princess, did not stop smiling the entire time.  Who am I kidding?  My cheeks were sore that evening from smiling so much.  It probably made my day more than theirs!  I have to admit, I was a little heartbroken when a couple days later they wanted the dress back, but I probably needed to take it off anyway.


Princess Jessica

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