Anne Hathaway’s Red Lipstick in Batman!

I have tried my very best to do research for the “look breakdown” for Anne Hathaway’s red lipstick from the new batman movie.  Not one face chart or recommendation has hit the internet, only guesstimations.  I’m adding my own interpretation to pot for one of the orginal Dollface brides from 2009 named, Lilah.  

The color combination I chose is from Nars (!): 

 Lip Liner in Jungle Red $22, described as “classic red” + Pure Matte Lipstick in Resuvio $25, describled as a full bodied red.  I have both in my kit & absolutely adore them!  First line your lips and feather in the lips.  Add the matte lipstick over for the WOW punch! I hope this help you in finding your ravishing red! <3- Jules  

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