Last year, I heard about this thing called dry brushing, but hadn’t really thought about it again. Recently, I have been seeing all sorts of articles and increasing popularity of dry brushing, so I thought I would address some of the facts.

–       Dry brushing is the practice of rubbing your body in circular motions with a soft, natural bristle brush, starting from the heels and fingers and working towards your heart. This is done before a shower or bath (hence the word dry).

–       Many resources claim that dry brushing has many benefits, such as increased blood circulation (leading to increased energy), increased lymph circulation (boosting the immune system), reduced appearance of cellulite, higher functioning nervous system, detoxification, and exfoliation.

–       Although I have not been able to find any research studies confirming most of these benefits, many people swear that dry brushing makes them feel much better, and some people claim it helps shed some weight.

–       The one benefit that can be confirmed is exfoliation. Dry brushing reduces dead skin cell buildup, leaving behind smoother skin. Moisturizing after will help make the skin extra soft.

–       After regular dry brushing, I personally have noticed a lessened appearance of keratosis pilaris, a very common condition that manifests as small white or red bumps on the upper arms or thighs.  Very common for both men and women.

Is dry brushing all it’s cracked up to be? I can’t be sure. But until there is sufficient proof one way or the other, it certainly isn’t hurting anything. At the very least, it can help you achieve smooth, soft skin. An assortment of brushes suitable or dry brushing are available on Amazon.  So brush away!

Til next time dolls-


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