Taking care of your brushes is important for many reasons. Cleaning your brushes properly and regularly keeps them from adding bacteria to your face, causing breakouts, and it also extends the life of your brushes. But did you know that the way you dry your brushes is important, too? Laying your brushes down on their side to dry can bend the bristles and allow water to settle in the handle, which can rot your brushes from the inside. Allowing the air to circulate all the around the brush hairs is key.  The best way to dry your brushes is by hanging them upside down.  This will also save you counter space while they dry!  

I am going to show you a quick, easy way to make a brush holder/drying rack. You will need: 

  • A piece of wood, about 2-3 inches tall, 1 inch thick, and in a length of your choice. They can cut the wood for you in the lumber store. (I used 1×2 inch furring, cut to the width of my vanity.)
  • A roll of elastic, ¼ in- ½ in thick, about the length of your board
  • A staple gun with staples
  • Ribbon, about 1¼  times the length of your wood
  • Sand paper or electric sander (optional, but recommended)
  • Hammer
  • Wood paint (optional)
  • Small paint brush (optional)
  • Scissors

  1. Take your cut piece of wood and sand it down to remove any splinters.
  2. Paint your board the color of your choice.
  3. Using your staple gun, fasten the elastic to one end of the board and add another staple right at the edge.
  4. Lay the elastic across the board and fasten the same way at the other end. Don’t stretch the elastic, but keep it flat to the board. Cut off any extra.
  5. Staple the elastic to the board in approximately one-inch increments, greater if you have fatter handled brushes. Do this all the way across the front of the board until you reach the opposite end. You can do the same to the back of the board, if that suits you.
  6. Use the staple gun to tack your ribbon to the top of the board at each end.
  7. Go back with the hammer and tap in the staples so they are all secure.
  8. Using the small paintbrush, paint over the staples to make them less visible (unless you painted your board silver, then they will blend right in!)

There you have it! Super simple. Now just hang it up on a nail or two, clean your brushes, and stick them in the elastic slots to dry.

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