Ok dolls and dudes, it is a new year, so out with the old and in with the new!  I am talking about cosmetic brushes, of course. Time to take stock in the brushes you have and consider their effectiveness. If you don’t use brushes to apply your makeup, now is the time to try.  You will soon find out what makeup artists already know, that the right brushes can make a huge difference in make-up application. Foundation can be applied more evenly; lip and eye color can be drawn more precisely.  A good set of brushes can last years if cleaned and stored properly.

Makeup artists are sure to have a wide arsenal of brushes, but for your home kit you only need to invest in a small but good selection.  Some basic brushes include:

Powder brush:  The fluffier the head the more powder that will be diffused. It gives even coverage all over the face.

Blush brush:  Soft and smaller than a powder domed brush.  It should be about the size of the apple of your cheek.

*There are many shpaes & sizes for powder, blush, & bronzer brushes.  Use the brush that best suits your makeup look.  Feel free to experiment!

Concealer brush:  You will want to use a synthetic brush here, as it will glide smoothly through the product and apply smoothly to the skin.

Eye shadow brush:  There are many different eye shadow brushes, each with their own purpose.  The bigger the brush head, the more area it will cover.  If you are placing color all over the lid, use a wider, fuller brush.  If you are applying a highlight in the corner of your eye, you will want to use a smaller, not as full brush, to be able to reach in the corner without putting eye shadow on the bridge of your nose.
Eye shadow blenders:  These are soft and loose compared to densely packed bristles, great for blending lines of color.

Angled eyebrow brush:  This brush will be stiffer to give more control on applying color to the brows.  Brushed upwards, brows will look naturally full.
Lip brush: Small, firm and precise to create the perfect line.
Foundation brush:  Synthetic and used to apply cream and liquid foundation.  This firm brush allows for precision and a flawless finish.

•    When purchasing a brush, first brush it against the back of your hand and make sure the bristles do not fall out.  You do not want that, or you will have little brush hairs all over your face, which will quickly become annoying.
•    Make sure you use a brush cleaner to clean your brushes, as soap and water can leave a residue on the brush fibers, which can cause clogging and concentration of color.  Brush cleaner contains mild alcohols that dissolve grease and build up of cosmetics.
•    Brushes should be firm, but flexible and have an even spread of bristles when pressure is applied.
Brushes do not have to cost a fortune.  Two of my favorite brands are both extremely affordable.  First, Ecotools have 100% cruelty-free soft taklon bristles.  They are sold at Walmart and Walgreens.  Secondly, Real Techniques are high-quality brushes created by a Makeup Artist from the UK and sold at ULTA.  I love, love these brushes.  The sets come in their own carrying case, which can be folded over when opened to hold them so you don’t need another brush container!  Love it! 🙂


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