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On our first installment of “All About Brows”, we discussed the various methods of hair removal.  Today we will go over how to finish your look with proper brow filling.  Basically, we will talk about how to avoid ending up looking like one of these ladies…

First things first, let’s break down the anatomy of what makes a perfectly balanced eyebrow shape.  The photo below diagrams how to achieve a symmetrical shape using your nose and eye as a guideline.


  •  Using your nose and the inner corner of your eye tells you exactly where your eyebrow should begin. 
  •  Using your nose and the outer part of your iris tells you where the arch of your eyebrow should be placed.
  • Using your nose and the outer corner of your eye pinpoints where your eyebrow should end.












Step 1: Start by keeping your already groomed eyebrows in place using either brow gel or wax.  (Were your eyebrows groomed beautifully using Dollface’s new Sugaring service?)  My favorites are Ardell’s clear brow sculpting gel which can be found at your local Target and Benefit’s Speed Brow, a tinted brow gel that can be purchased at your local Benefit counter or on their website www.benefitcosmetics.com





Step 2: Choose your product, but be sure to pick the right color.  If you have dark hair, you should choose a color that is a shade or two lighter than your natural hair tone.  If you have light hair, choose a color that is half to one shade deeper than your natural hair tone.  The most common products used for filling brows are eyebrow pencils/markers or brow powder.  No, Sharpie markers are not acceptable product for this task!  Eyebrow pencils and markers are great for adding volume to the brows; they are best used for creating a base for those of us with very sparse eyebrows or may have gone a little tweezer happy”.  Using eyebrow powder with a stiff angled brush works best for adding depth to the brows and is my personal favorite for creating perfectly defined brows.


Step 3: No matter what your favorite product is, the method remains the same. Use a light hand.  Adding the product too heavily creates a very unnatural finish.  Apply your product using light, feathery strokes following your natural hair growth.  And as with all makeup, make sure to stand back and frequently check for symmetry between both of your brows.

Step 4: Add dimension and contrast to your look by adding a highlight to the brow bone using cream or pale pink colored shadow.

I hope these two blogs have helped to demystify the process of how to create perfectly groomed brows.  Eyebrows have a tendency to be ignored or not given the importance they deserve.  Beautifully groomed and filled eyebrows have a way of bringing a higher sense of polish to your finished look.  So remember, eyebrows matter…

Love ya dolls, Melissa C

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