The Dollface Double-take for Halloween!

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Normally this statement annoys me from the view of being original. My beauty counterpart, the incredible Lindsay Nix, made me a true believer by surprising me with my very own parody! The moment she opened the door to greet us, I was in a complete stage of shock & awe! There “I” stood before me with all the finishing details perfectly in place. Lindsay even worked with my husband, Josh, to add personal touches.

What made this so incredibly flattering and truly the highest complement, was the attention to detail. Josh & Lindsay did not disappoint! They designed my makeup look complete with tattoo coverage using Temptu’s Body Camo. Lindsay is very fair… seriously… I think the proper shade is translucent. She transformed herself from her usual porcelain princess into a Puerto Rican Dollface!

We are like peas & carrots, the best of friends, & it’s always “peanutbutta jelly time”. We are typically laughing until it hurts or working on our master plan of taking over the beauty world. She is also the BEST in the hair biz with the track record to prove it. She also knows her way around a makeup kit. With that being said, no one else could’ve pulled off the feat of becoming “Dollface”.

From the extra large set bag (which looks like a gigantic fanny pack), art brushes, a feather fascinator, & my preferred ¾ sleeve shirt. Lindsay even worked with fab designer & our dear friend, Brooke Atwood, to create a custom made vest, which has become a signature part of our brand. She used my makeup, paying very close attention to every nuance, and completely nailed it!

Lindsay is also one of the most genuine people you will ever meet with the biggest heart. She gave me a priceless gift, and I’m sure I’ll continue to giggle about it for years to come!

Thank you, Lindsay! I love you <3

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