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I wanted to tackle the widely disregarded subject of eyebrows.  Everyone from models to moms seem to be lost when it comes to how to care for and fill their eyebrows.  I have to admit, I didn’t give the subject much thought.  That is, until a fateful day in May.  It wasn’t until my Dollface training with Jules that I truly learned the importance of eyebrows.  She plopped a model down in front of me with no brow hair and said “go” and I had to create the appearance of hair where none existed.  Since then, I have become obsessed.  So, it is my hope to help de-mystify the process.


There are several different ways you can achieve that beautifully groomed brows; the most common methods today are waxing, threading, and tweezing (Yes, it is called tweezing, not plucking.  Chickens are for plucking, eyebrows are for tweezing).  Now ladies and gents, it is time to come to terms with reality.  If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with this process, please seek professional help.  Personally, I have very sensitive skin that gets red and tender just by looking at it the wrong way.  Because of this, I have tried every method of hair removal under the sun to find what works best for me and have included some of my personal comments on each style.

Waxing: Waxing is certainly the most popular of all hair removal methods.  Because of its popularity, I find that there are many technicians out there who are under-trained.  How many of you have had, or know someone that has had, a waxing nightmare experience?  It is so important that you entrust your face to an experienced and knowledgeable technician.  As much as I love how quick the process of eyebrow waxing is, I find that it is a bit too harsh for my skin.  The majority of waxes contain Pine Rosin which naturally takes off a think layer of skin along with hair and some may find that they have an allergic reaction to it.  I say, if this method works for you, then have at it.  Otherwise, proceed with caution.  Never again will warm wax touch this face.



Threading: Brow threading takes its origins from the Middle East and has gained popularity.  The way hair is removed is by a technician running a cotton thread along the skin trapping unwanted hair like a lasso and lifting it from the follicle.  Because it is not as prominent of a practice as waxing, I believe that it is much easier to find a technician who knows what they are doing.  Some say that it is less painful than waxing, but I say that it is not for the weak.  Watery eyes can be expected during the process.



Sugaring: This is the newest form of hair removal hitting the US, yet it’s also the most ancient dating back to Cleopatra.  It’s 100% natural, has minor irration and discomfort. You’ll also have precise brows for twice as long as waxing.  Slow regrowth and eliminating in-grown hairs are big perk of this process.  Sugar Specialists must receive an extra certification in addition to their Cosmetology/Esthetics license.  Team Dollface recently hosted a sucessful Sugaring Brow Bar to introduce Savannah to this amazing treat.  Jessica, our resident Sugar Specialist, can be reached here: jessica@dollfacebyjules.com for in studio appointments.  Read more about Sugaring

And yes, that is our VP/COO, Josh having having sugar poured on his brows! Below is a photo of Jessica & Jules with a happy client, Kay.

Kay is now an honorary “Sugar Doll”!



Tweezing: In my opinion, tweezing should be used as a method of brow maintenance in between visits to the salon.  Sometimes turning the tweezers upon yourself can be a daunting task and finding symmetry can be difficult.  For those who dare, consider using a warm compress to open pores and reduce pain of hair removal.  Always be sure to take a step back and double check your work because it is easier to take hair off, but once it is gone, it’s gone.

On my next installment, I will discuss Part Two: Brow Filling, using makeup to achieve that perfect brow look.

Until next time Dolls,



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  • Debra says:

    Just wondering if you have done much with ladies after chemo. My brows fell out (along with all other hair), and came back in sparse. Now they're falling out again!

  • Kay says:

    I didn't realize how badly my brows looked until seeing the result after Jessica was done! Thanks so much Dollface team! You ladies are awesome!

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