Question on Red Lips: How do you pick out and apply the perfect red lipstick? I would Love to wear it, but always feel like a clown. Any suggestions?

Answer: Sticking to berry tones vs orange is key in it being more flattering. I like to use the lip color, then outline softly with a pencil that is 1 shade darker to lock in the lipstick. You can also try a lip stain to get you used to the impact and build from there. My favorite reds: Pure Matte Lipstick from Nars. You can find them at or use those colors to guide you. I also really like the Doubletake Lip Color from Smashbox in Cranberry.

Question on Tinted Moisturizer: Can I make my own tinted moisturizer w/ a liquid bronzer & moisturizer? Is that what’s essentially sold @ stores?

Answer: Yes! And I absolutely encourage you too! If bronzer scares you or it isn’t giving you the look you want, mix your moisturizer & foundation. This is a great answer for finding a sheer coverage in your shade for the summer. For a glow or dewy finish- mix in a drop of illuminator.

Questions of Foundations:

–What is the best base/foundation product to use for an all day event that is both out and indoors that lasts but doesn’t look cakey?

–Yes, I have a similar question, I need a foundation that looks smooth but won’t get in creases half way through the day.

–I have a problem with under eye bags. I do everything right to help make them go away but they won’t leave. My main problem is makeup gets in between the creases and makes them look worse. I use a primer on them, concealer, and then loose powder to set it but makeup still clumps between the creases! Any suggestions?

Answers: The best way to keep your makeup in place & out of creases is by using primer. Think of when you paint, you use a primer first- same applies to makeup. Some may need an extra boost by using a primer that also “plumps” fine lines such as MUFE’s HD Exliir or Vitamin E. Depending on your skin, you may need a primer which also helps absorb oil (Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light) or MUFE’s All Mat. A misting spray will also help to refresh your makeup with having to add more. Blotting sheets are a great tool to have on hand as well.

–For under eye bags, try fresh aloe under your eyes. This will help bring down the swelling. Murad has a great product called Lighten & Brighten. Keeping spoons in your fridge for cold compression is also helpful. Pollen levels are at a world record high, so consider allergies as a culprit. Remember, the more makeup you use to cover- the more chance for a cakey build up.

Top non-airbrush foundations I use in my kit in order of coverage:

Sheer- Nar’s Sheer Glow or tinted moisturizer

Medium- Laura Mercier’s Foundation Powder (can be used over tinted moisturizer or wet for heavier coverage & MUFE’s HD invisible foundation

Heavier- MUFE’s Mat Velvet or Smashbox’s Camera Ready Full Coverage

Hope this helps!

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