My skin has been so dry lately it actually hurts.  Some of you may know that I have eczema on my face and extremely dry skin everywhere else.  But for some reason, this winter literally hurts!  So I thought, I wonder if anyone else is having any dry skin trouble as well.  Just in case- here ya go!

A few great remedies & products I have been using are:

Neutrogena Body Oil  $8
Lavender Baby Oil  $3
Skin Nanny  $49
Omega 3,6,9 capsules  $6

After I shower, before I towel dry, I use the Neutrogena Body Oil everywhere.  Using this while your skin is still moist is key.  The oil will lock in the moisture while it’s adding more.  Next step, pat try.  You don’t want most of the oil on the towel, so take it easy.

For the days where my skin is so tight it hurts, I take a nice moisturizing bath with Lavender Baby Oil.  I usually combine this with a bath bomb from Lush.  I use Lavender for the aroma therapy and the oil is once again locking in the moisture.  I can almost hear my skin sigh with relief.  You can usually find this in the baby area.  Also a very important side note:  DO NOT EVER USE BABY OIL TO REMOVE EYE MAKEUP.  The oil can fog your lens and cause blindness.

For my dry face, I love Skin Nanny from Lush.  This is not a cheap product but a little goes a long way & it’s worth money. Starflower oil moisturizes and hydrates your skin with omega 6 oils and nutritious fatty acids. Vitamin C and E come naturally with almond and hibiscus oils.  The girls at Lush will provide you with a sample and I suggest you try it before you buy it.  But you will be hooked! This works well at night before bed.  Your skin cells repair the most when you are sleeping, hence the name “beauty sleep”.  The powerful product will also keep your skin looking young & soft.

Last but certainly not least, moisturizing from within.  I like the Spring Valley brand that contains every oil I think it could.  I’m sure there are plenty of brands that are great, I just happen to use this one currently.  This is not only great for your skin, hair, nails, & joints but also great for your brain functions and heart health.

You can find everything here at your local drug store.  Skin Nanny can be found at the amazing Lush stores online or in person.  I hope this helps your skin be happier too!

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  • Jules says:

    Great point about hot baths being drying for the skin. I love the heat but it's terrible for my skin. Being mindful of the temp is a great tip!

  • Jenn says:

    I need to get some Neutrogena body oil for after my showers. I'd forgotten about that product!

    I love hot baths, but it dries out my skin horribly. For the past few weeks, I've been taking baths with my homemade bath oil – olive oil, lavender oil for fragrance and relaxation, and some vitamin E oil. My skin is much happier, and I still get my baths!

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