Over the weekend, the topic of cleavage came up.  How old is too old to show off “the girls”?  When should you cover up?  As my friend Tiffony & I say, “You’re showing all of your Cleveland and a little bit of Detroit!”  Now, I am all about showing off what you’ve got & feeling sexy.. but here are a few options for showing off your breast assets in a classy way regardless of age!
  • Off-the-shoulder. I’m a huge fan of off-the-shoulder looks at this age because it’s a way to dress sexy without really showing anything. And all women have sexy shoulders.
  • Draped necklaces. Not only are they chic, they are a way to create a long, vertical line that draws attention to the bodice without the obvious bareness of exposed cleavage.
  • Layered looks. You can give the illusion of cleavage by opting for a peek of a lace camisole under a shirt or jacket; you can also layer a tank or T-shirt in a lighter color (white or nude) under a sweater or top that has a deep V neck to suggest cleavage without showing anything

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