On my FB fan page I was asked the question about holiday makeup ideas.  I know all of you are very different & like different looks so… here’s 3 you can try!

Sugar & Spice:

And yes, everything nice! Use your brown tones, bronzers, & gold.  Use warm peach shimmer blush on your cheeks.  Go soft on the lips using a sheen & heavier on the eyes. Just don’t over do it with the bronzer. A little goes a long way.

Party Purples: 

Go for bold on with using color!  Once again, play up your eyes.  Use plums, even magentas for your shadow.  Skip the black & try using a navy liner to create more of depth. Use a soft pink for blush, and pair with a sheer glossy lip. If the color is more than enough for, don’t go under your eye with the shadow.  Or go with a sheer grape color & blend blend blend!

Rockin’ Rose:

For this look use a very light wash of beige shadow or a light frost.  Your lips will do the talking!  Make sure your foundation is flawless.  Use a soft pink tone for your cheeks.  Most importantly, line your lips with a pencil one shade darker than your lipstick. A touch, a tad, darker. To step this look up, use liquid eyeliner to create a cat eye.

There you go ladies!  Spread some holiday cheer!

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