Behind the Makeup: IndieGoGo Video Production

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The launch of  Jules – More Than Makeup  has been on our list of goals for over 4 years. Even though it is intimidating to challenge the retail world of cosmetics with established brands like Estee Lauder, Bobbie Brown and MAKEUP FOREVER, Jules had a vision for a better, more cost effective and educational way to offer makeup to consumers that need a little help and direction. The toughest thing about a product launch is the upfront cost of packaging and branding, which is why we need funding to get moving and continue the development of the brand. After many attempts going through banks and other financial institutions that want to see large amounts of collateral, we decided to use crowd funding on the platform so that we could spread our message and hopefully enhance our fan base.
Landing Page HeaderWhile anyone can create a great blog style campaign on a site like, the best, most effective campaigns include an amazing video that describes what the idea is all about. But who can tell our story in a way that is relate-able? So, Jules and I sat down with two of our awesome friends, Mari & Jim Carswell, Owner/Producers of Spyhop Productions in Savannah, GA. These guys tell stories and are some of the best in the business.
IMG_0838We racked our brains thinking of the best way to deliver the message, which ultimately had to come directly from Jules herself. On our first shoot day, the Spyhop Team showed up and unloaded a mountain of gear including multiple cameras, lights, light stands, reflectors, audio mics and recorders, all to turn the Dollface by Jules Studio into an all out production sound stage. With a fast setup and beautiful lighting arrangement from Jim, we were ready to roll on Jules’ camera debut.
IMG_0384Take after take, Mari and Jim walked Jules through the process of interacting with the camera. Jules -More Than Makeup is all about a connection with people, which is exactly what Jules set out to do in this video. She wanted every person that watched it to know that she is not only genuine, but personally invested in this passion filled venture to create a makeup line that offers a fresh look on the average woman’s beauty routine.
IMG_0765After two days of filming, countless hours editing video and stills, we were able to accomplish what we set out to do and produce a first class video that connects Jules to each and every one of you. Now we need your support! Please click on any image in this blog and check out the campaign we have put together on IndieGoGo. Have feedback about how we can make it even better? Please let us know by dropping a comment on the IndieGoGo page or on Facebook. This campaign is the future for all of #TeamDollface and will create the opportunity for us to give many other aspiring makeup artists an opportunity at becoming a pro in a creative field. We understand that money is tight everywhere, so if a pledge is not in your budget, please help us by sharing our campaign on Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + by using @jmorethanmakeup + @dollfacebyjules + #teamdollface . We appreciate your support!

Thanks to you all,

Josh W. Fritz aka @MrDollface
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