Too much fun the night before??

It all happens so innocently…one glass of champagne turns into a bottle, into a cocktail or two, maybe, maybe not a shot of fireball and then it’s all a little fuzzy. You wake up, heart pounding, dressed in your outfit from the night before; wearing one earring and that fabulous smokey eye is now resembling more of a black eye. Toping this one off, you got to look good today whether you fill like it or not. It could be your best friend’s wedding or just another day at the office, the routine is the same and I’m going to share with you some tricks of the trade to help hide the battle scars from the previous evening.
drew 1Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Before is always best but it will not hurt to drink plenty of H2O during and after you are planning on having a few cocktails. Being well hydrated is good for your beauty regimen anytime but is especially helpful in situations like these. Coconut water is a great source!
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Eyes are a definite indicator of a few too many cocktails. To take care of some puffiness and increase circulation you can reach for the trusty cucumber trick (hey obviously our grandmother’s were on to something), chilled spoons, or moistened chamomile tea bags. All reduce swelling and will help perk up that area. Follow with a little vitamin E or coconut oil and few drops of visine.
drew 3Now that you’ve done the prep work, you’re ready for some makeup. You’ll want to keep it simple! Stay away from dark shadows and heavy eyeliner, which may just enhance the look of fatigue you are fighting. Keep with bright shadows in neutral shades. Think of having a refreshed look with a healthy glow and maybe some rosy cheeks! Concealer with a peach undertone helps to combat dark circles and mixing a little cream highlighter with your foundation will give the skin a pick me up. The key to pulling this off is less is more and to continue to hydrate throughout the day! Also a little aspirin never hurt…
drew 4It’s so easy to do when the excitement of actually getting to hang out with friends gives you a sudden burst of energy at the occasional rehearsal dinner or girls night out. Then reality sets in as you wake up realizing you can’t hang like you did your freshman year of college… There is hope! Try these simple steps and everyone will be telling you what a beautiful bridesmaid you are even if it’s your 14th time! (Side note: I actually have been a bridesmaid 13 times). So go ahead enjoy your time with friends, the older we get the rarer those times are but remember to always drink responsibly!
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