The “One of Many” Project comes to Savannah!

#oneofmanyThanks to the power of social media, I was introduced by my dear friend @krystynheide to her friend @wesleyverhoeve. Looking to meet creatives across 12 cities, Wesley tweeted about his upcoming trip to Savannah, GA for his beautiful project called “One of Many“. Krystyn was kind enough to connect us and we made plans to meet. 

On Tuesday, Wesley and I enjoyed a wonderful morning chat as he snapped photos and we got to know each other more.  He’s doing this “to inspire, and be inspired by, the independent creative movement . To encourage others to make the leap, and let those already there know that they’re not alone.” 

Divine timing is always so interesting. Not only was it an honor to be a part of the Savannah portion and meet a new friend, but I needed this. My meter has been running low on courage and I’ve felt alone as I bring another dream to life via a crowd funding project called, Jules – More Than Makeup.   

IMG_6040-1It’s really tough to stay positive when you put yourself completely out there, especially in these types of campaigns. You can get lost in your mental chatter wondering if your project will get funded, or if anyone even cares about what you are doing. It was invigorating to know I am a part of a community forging ahead creating a new path AND possibly inspiring others to become trailblazers on their own paths too. To think of yourself as a tiny, yet important part of reshaping our world is extraordinary. Some times we just need a little encouragement so we can tap into the power of purpose that is within all of us!

Thank you, Wes, thank you from all of us. You recharged my spirit and reminded me of my purpose. Meeting you was a gift that I was happy to receive! 

You can see more of Wesley’s project and follow his travels on Instagram and subscribe monthly updates on his website.  

Love, Jules

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