Ready for Trick or Treat??? Easy Pin Up Makeup for Halloween.

With busy schedules, work, car pooling, and everyday hustle and bustle it can be
almost impossible for us to find time to think about it, let alone put together our
own Halloween costume. This look is super easy and can translate to several different
costume options; think Rosie the Riveter, pin up girl, or old Hollywood glam.
More than likely, you’ll have something in your closet that will work in a pinch for
one of these iconic themes.

First off go a little heavy on your foundation and define your brows a little darker
than usual. This is costume makeup so don’t be afraid!

Next use a very light shadow over the entire lid of your eye, add in a little darker
shadow in the crease, and finish off with that famous cat eye. Here is a pictorial
from Pinterest that shows you super easy steps to the perfect cat eye.

Now if you are really feeling brave add on strip lashes! I would definitely
suggest using them because they take the look to the next level, compliment
the cat eye, and give you more of a costume feel.

Blush up the apples of your cheeks and paint those smackers red… and nothing
says old Hollywood better than Jules: More than Makeup’s Redy or Not red lip.
I can’t say it enough; it is seriously the perfect red for any occasion and especially
this look! You can find it at and help a small business grow 🙂

And there you have it ladies, simple, not intimidating costume makeup you can
wear to work for Halloween and/or take you kids trick or treating in to look festive
for the occasion with very little work or planning.

Don’t let those ghost and goblins catch you without your face on 😉 Happy Halloween!


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