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Makeup for Girls with Glasses

If you’ve found yourself frustrated or confused on how makeup and glasses can exist in the same space, this post is for you! The optometrical obstacles on your face are obvious but makeup troubleshooting can be chore to figure out. I did my best to think of tips and tricks that you may not have thought of to lend a hand in making your routine easier. First things first, let’s get our tools together:

  • Short handled brushes — So you can get really close to the mirror.
  • Makeup glasses — They are readers with one lens that flips from left to right.
  • Eyelash curler — Curling helps lashes from hitting your lenses.
  • Cotton swabs — Magic erasers that help with cleaning up mistakes.
  • Tweezers — To shape your brows. See the cute illustration below on shaping!
  • Brow gel — To keep your brows and product in place.
  • Colored eyeliner — Plum is universally complementary & Blues are on trend.
  • Waterproof mascara — Use volumizing, not lengthening.
  • Highlight — Helps to brighten your eyes behind the specs.
  • Matte lip color — This balances your frames, read more to know why.


Brow shaping is the most important, so that’s where we’re starting. Your glasses frame your face and your eyebrows frame your glasses. Having groomed brows goes really far in not looking like a hot mess, glasses or not. Seal the shape and any brow product in with brow gel. Comb the hairs upward to open your eyes. If your hairs are extra long, use curved cuticle scissors to trim and avoid having grandpa brows. If you’re not confident, treat yo’ self and get them done!


Illustration by 18Loves


To brighten your eyes use highlighter or highlighter pen to avoid a “sunken” eye. Think about it, your frames are casting a shadow on your face. Adding reflective shimmer to the darkest part of your eye, the inner corner, will boost your brightness to the next level.

Curling your lashes is something most ladies generally skip. Adding this step will add volume and curl the lashes up and away from your lenses. Always curl before mascara to avoid crimping. And while we’re talking about mascara, stick to the roots of your lashes and avoid the tips which will also help in avoiding your lens. Most eyeglass wearers have watery eyes, so waterproof and voluminous mascara is what I suggest.

Now that your brows are on fleek (pronounced like bleek with an F and meaning to look really great), now you’re ready to plan your makeup look. Colored frames really look great when your makeup coordinates. Use Plum or even Navy Teal gel eyeliner vs black. This is not only more interesting but it will look like you did a lot more than you actually did! Opt for lighter eye shadow to avoid extra darkness. You don’t want your eyeshadow and your frames to compete.


Bold lips rule for girls with glasses. Since your glasses have a glare, I recommend using a matte/cream lip. If you aren’t into a bold lip, I encourage you to try it if you haven’t, but if you know it doesn’t work for you, don’t skip color on your cheeks.

Balancing the color eyeliner and blush with a lighter lip is beautiful too. You can save the darker lip for a day to night look that’s super fast to do. Finish your look with oil control powder down the bridge on your nose to help with slippage. Now you are even more gorgeous in glasses!

If you have beauty questions or want to share your girls with glasses selfies, or would like to know more, tag me:@jmorethanmakeup! A special thanks to my model and super friend, Jade McCully for suggesting this post and for all the fun bringing it to life.

Let me know if you need me!

xo, Jules

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