The Girl Scouts: Empowering Girls to be Strong Women


Last Tuesday I had the privilege of meeting and speaking to the lovely young ladies of Troop 30387. The age range was 9-14 years old of 10 well mannered, attentive, and very sweet girls. The opportunity to speak to this troop was very organic. In conversation with Kris, a devoted mom/troop leader/Team Dollface member, she told me how her troop knew all about me and that they were fans of Dollface. As flattering and amazing as that was, I had to ask, “How the heck do they know about me?”. Kris explained they used me as an example of a successful woman who followed her dreams. I was so touched that you could’ve knocked me over with a feather! Immediately I said to Kris, “I must meet these girls!”. So that’s where my journey began with Troop 30387.

Kris gave me a little background on the organization so I could have a little direction for my talk. I was blown away to hear how the girls learned about empowerment, having a voice, setting goals, and much more. How cool are the Girl Scouts?! 

As you guys know I’m super pregnant, 8 months to be exact, and I thought it may also be a good idea for them to see you can have both a family and career since many don’t believe you can. We also chatted about how Dollface came to be and how we continue to grow. I loved how interested they were in beauty topics and business development. It’s exciting to know there are a crop of smart and talented young ladies growing their minds and spirits to become strong leaders. It was an honor to be with them and hopefully inspire them to follow their dreams no matter how unattainable and huge they seem. 

They thanked me with gifts & the following note that warmed my heart! “We appreciate the time you have spent with us. Empowerment. Success. Goals. From one successful girl to our Girl Scouts, we thank you. Love, Troop 30387.”

Thank you Troop 30387 for inspiring me! Love, Jules

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