The FAQs of Airbrush Makeup:

The airbrushing technique is wonderful. It is one of Hollywood’s beauty secrets. Silicone based makeup is applied to the skin with an airbrush for a long-lasting, feather light, flawless finish. You can get as much or as little coverage as you like without feeling like you are wearing a mask. In short, it’s amazing. When you look in the mirror you will see the most flawless glowing version of yourself staring back at you. The makeup itself is water and transfer resistant, so no need to worry about endless touch ups or your face rubbing off on your guests. Since the formula was designed for use in movies and photo shoots, it will photograph wonderfully.  Proof is in the pudding!  Check out this gorgeous untouched extreme close up of our model Cailey:


Airbrushing FAQ:

Q: What is Airbrush Makeup?
A: Airbrush makeup is a liquid form silicone based makeup which is used with an airbrush gun to disburse a light mist evenly on the face.  A very popular technique that is used by many celebrities to get a light, natural, long-wearing coverage.

Q: Who should get airbrushed?
A: Anyone who isn’t allergic to silicone!  Airbrushing is also great for oily and problem skin.  It sits on top of the skin to create the look of perfect skin.  Even in High Def, skin looks naturally flawless.  And in HD, everything shows up!

Q: Which line do you use?
A: At DBJ we use Temptu Pro.  After doing plenty of research on different lines, great along with the so-so, Temptu Pro was our choice.  Make sure your artist is trained.  Airbrushing is an art which should be done by trained pros.  There are many DIY lines, including a line from Temptu, but they aren’t going to be a the pro level of quality.

Q: What does it feel like?
A:  You’ll feel a light amount of air blowing on your skin.  The makeup is very light weight so you really won’t feel like you are wearing any makeup at all!  Perfect for those who hate the way makeup feels or those who don’t wear it often.  Leaves your skin with a natural and soft look.  The session overall is very relaxing & spa like.

Q: Will is rub off?
A:  It’s transferred resistant, which means it stays put!  You won’t find makeup on your clothes, or on anyone else.  Great for brides who will hug tons of guests and who don’t want to see their makeup on their husbands tux.  Airbrush could be called “Groom Approved”!  It won’t “slide” off of oily skin either.

Q: How long will it last?
A: We say 10-12 hrs.  BUT my personal answer is, it will last until you wash it off!  It’s humidity, sweat, & transfer resistant.  The only touch up you’ll need is lip gloss.

If we didn’t answer a question you are curious about, drop a comment.  Ready to be airbrushed & experience it for yourself?  We know you’ve been ready!  Email us to book your appointment today: or visit our official website Dollface by Jules!

All photos shown were provided by Shannon Christopher

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