The duct tape of beauty products – Aquaphor

Aquaphor has been dubbed the duct tape of beauty products. Works like a dream and is long lasting. A little goes a long way & it’s noncomedogenic (it won’t clog your pores)!  It does have a greasy feel just like Vaseline but it’s amazing.  I’m pretty in love with all the Eucerin products, and this one is on top of my list.  Many famous makeup artists use Aquaphor in their kits to create a perfectly smooth lip.  

If you have trouble with your lip gloss or lip stick not looking smooth due to lip lines or dry skin, this will take care of it.  Dry, cracked lips or skin are no match for the product.  If nothing else has worked, you must try Aquaphor.  You can pick this up and any drug store for around $6.

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