*sings* I’ll be home for Christmas…..

Alright Dolls, I’ve loaded you up with new posts before I head out to FL for Christmas.  Tiffony will take over on posting, because the blog must go on 😉

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!  Make sure to remember the real reason for the season & it ain’t presents!  Enjoy your family, friends, pets.. all of it!  Sending much love out to you from my family to yours!
ps- if a new pet is on your christmas list or someone you know, please remember to rescue!  all my animals are rescues & amazing.  you can even pick your breed.  check with your human society, animal control, craig’s list under the pets catagory… they are so many ways to help.  keep it mind.  there are too many awesome animals who need good homes.  my house is pretty full, so i’m gonna need you guys to help me save them! xo.

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