Review and Money Saving How To on DIY Hair Extensions!

Have you ever been flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine or scrolling through Pinterest and found a long voluminous hairstyle that you would just love to wear for your wedding, prom or any special occasion??? Chances are clip in extensions made that style possible. Mandy recently wrote about how much she loved clip in hair extensions and ways to work them into your hairstyles, both formal and casual in her blog from several weeks ago (/blog/clip-in-hair-extensions.html)

I was curious. I use them on clients and love the results but never on myself. I normally wear my hair on the shorter side so I didn’t really want to make a huge investment in extensions not really knowing if they would be a compliment to my hair or not. I decided to buy a hair weft, which is just a long piece of hair sown together, cut it into pieces and sew clips on myself. I found all of this at my local beauty supply. My entire monetary investment was under $40, the time however was a lot… Was it worth the savings? I would say so… but only if you have a lot of free time on your hands 🙂 haha

What do you need?

  • Hair Weft (human hair works best)
  • Wig Clips
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Needle & Strong Matching Thread

To start I measured out and cut two 4 inch pieces and one 3 inch piece of hair for the back, two 1 ½ inch pieces and two 1 inch pieces for the side.

I then sewed the wig clips on. I used three clips evenly spaced on the large sections and one in the center on the smaller sections.

Next I colored the hair to better match mine and trimmed the hair to blend with my own. Coloring may be a step you can skip if you can find a hair piece to match yours at the beauty supply store or you can take them with you to your to your next salon visit and have you stylist do this for you. Just make sure to mention it when you make the appointment so that they will have enough time.

The clip ins worked great and I loved the feeling and look of fullness it gave me… but I decided to cut my hair a week later… Go figure! I’ll save them for the holidays! It may be long enough to play with them again by then 🙂 All and all I would definitely say give it a try; everybody needs a little DIY project!

Happy Crafting!


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