The question:  Can you end a sentence with a preposition?

Now that I’m blogging in a texting world, I wonder if the old rulebooks have been tossed out the window.  When is good grammar no longer needed?  Yes, sometimes you will sound silly and not so intelligent.  But where is the limit?  I personally hate the Boost Mobile tagline of “Where you at?”, but it works for them.  In 3 words they are able to have many different meanings in one tagline.  They are not only selling the phone, but the new GPS feature, and targeting their demographic of 13-24 year olds.  I feel like Boost Mobile should say to me, “Don’t hate.”
I will admit, I don’t use the proper punctuation rules all the time and I know I don’t use the proper rules for most of what I write.  I simply write what I think, as it flows.  So please excuse my lack of rules.   But if I misspell something, let me know!  I did a little bit of Google research which I call “googling” on this issue and this is what I found:
If any of you have found yourself with similar thoughts, I hope this entry helps!  I guess it’s all about personal preference.  As for me, I’m sure I’ll continue to break the rules  : P

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