Puffy eyes can be caused by many factors. These include fluid retention, stress, allergies, hormone changes, and other factors as well. When we cry, it is often accompanied by swollen eyes. This is due to the fact that are body reacts to emotions and causes more blood to flow through the eyes which leads to swelling. Also the production of too many emotional tears can strain the eyes. Also, we get puffy eyes after sleeping. This can be caused by different factors such as too much sodium in a diet causing water retention, tossing and turning and not getting enough sleep, excessive drinking of alcohol, and others as well.

For normal puffy eyes that are not caused by other eye conditions, there are many ways to get rid of puffy eyes. The following is a list of what to do for treating puffy eyes:

  • Wash face with ice cold water 
  • Limit alcohol & sodium intake 
  • Drink plenty of water to clean out your system 
  • Place two slices of cool cucumber on the eyes for several minutes 
  • Moisten two tea bags in cold water, chill them in the refrigerator and place them over closed eyelids for several minutes 
  • Elevating your head when you sleep 
  • Lighting pressing cold spoons over closed eyes 
  • Applying crushed mint under the eyes 
  • Using cold (from the fridge) fresh cut Aloe under the eyes. Slice the leaf in half and apply directly. 

Notice the list doesn’t include Preparation H… instead try these other more natural remedies.

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