As clothes get fewer and farther between here in springy
Savannah, it seems only appropriate that I found a sweet little steal the other
day in the Revlon section at Walmart – a nude matte lipstick called 001 Nude
Attitude.  At a little under $5 (and
already trusting Revlon as my go-to brand for bargain lip color), I liked what
I found.  The color is pretty and sheer,
but buildable for opacity, and it feels good on your lips, not dry like a lot
of matte colors do.

(Insert Picture 1)

I love a nude lip because it allows your eyes to really be
the focal point of your makeup (and my husband much prefers it because he
doesn’t have to worry about a red kiss mark), but finding the right nude color
for your skin can be HARD!  (Remember
Magda?  Yikes!)

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Cool, fair skinned girls should think about a slightly
pinkish nude.  Without the bit of pink,
you may end up looking like you have washed out, chapped lips because of the
natural blue in your skin.  If you can’t
find the perfect shade on your own, you can apply a pink longwear before
applying the nude lipstick.  This adds
another level of color, and keeps your lips in the nude range without draining
the life from them.

Medium to olive complected girls should look for something a
little peachier, or a nude with a bit of gold. 
I fall into this group, and in this look, I applied a golden-tan
longwear before I applied the nude Revlon lipstick.

(Insert Picture 3)

Girls with darker skin tones will love bronzy or caramel
nudes.  The color of your top and bottom
lips may not be identical, so you get to choose from two shades and see which
you like best!  I love a sheer gloss
added to the top of this nude.

Here are some more tips for wearing a nude lip – choose one,
or play with them all!

    A nude
lip screams for some eye drama.  1960’s
glam anyone?

Picture 4)

Apply your nude lipstick first, then apply a
pink to the inside of your lips and blend outward, giving you a little bit of
extra color.

Outline the outside of your lips in a color
slightly paler than your skin, then blend outward, in order to give your lips
some extra dimension.

Add some gloss to the poutiest part of your lip,
which also adds some dimension and keeps lips from looking flat.

Remember, a true matte nude is rarely flattering.  It’s easiest to wear a nude with either a
little bit of color mixed into it, or some shine or shimmer, differentiating
your lips from your skin.

But, like everything in makeup, there are no hard fast rules



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