I’ve always loved Maybelline products.  When I was a kid, a Maybelline commercial could stop me in my tracks.  “Maybe she’s born with it.  Maybe it’s Maybelline.”  That catch line alone helped me understand even before I started wearing makeup that it wasn’t really about looking like you had makeup on.  It was about looking like you could have been born with those lashes, that pout, or those cheeks.

Maybe that’s why I still get excited when they come out with a new product.

The new Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments Eyeshadow ($6.99, Walmart) had me anxious to test it out for myself.  I chose a neutral shade (60 Buff & Tuff), a pretty champagne shimmer, and tried it out in two ways.

(Here’s a link to the site – http://www.maybelline.com/Products/Eye-Makeup/Eye-Shadow/Eye-Studio-Color-Tattoo-Pure-Pigments-Loose-Powder-Shadow.aspx)


The after picture doesn’t do the color justice.  You know those crushed seashells at the beach that sparkle in the sunshine?  Or maybe just sparkling sand?  That’s how this color made me feel.  Some of the flecks on my eyelids were a little larger than the rest, giving it such a gorgeous unusual glow.

Why yes, yes I was born with flecks of diamond encrusted seashells on my eyelids.


I used an Elf setting spray (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/products.asp?dept_id=2544&ctcampaign=2156&ctkwd=85023&gclid=CPqu-vyixLoCFenm7AodjxUA8Q) to wet a rounded flat brush, the same type I generally apply a shadow base with.  Then I dipped the brush into a little pigment and pressed it into my clean eyelid.  I tried to keep my eyes just slightly open to avoid any creasing (difficult to do when you’re still putting makeup on), but even with the occasional wide eyed stare into the mirror before it dried, it didn’t budge.  The color was absolutely beautiful, and I blended a little of the same color dry over the base I’d created, and it lasted all night.

The final look was finished with three or four coats of mascara on the top and bottom, some smudgy black eyeliner, and red lipstick.  My only complaint was that when I applied a pencil eyeliner over the shadow, it flaked off a little bit, so my suggestion would be to use a liquid eyeliner over it.

The next day I wore it as an eyeshadow over Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal in Bad to the Bronze, and it worked out really well.  No flaking whatsoever.  You can check out my blog on this phenomenal eyeshadow base here!  (/blog/2013/2/11/24-hr-tattoo-review.html)

Did you have a childhood favorite that carried you into adulthood?  We always love hearing about your favorites!



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