It’s no secret that I love makeup! I buy so many different products to not only use in my pro kit but to also share reviews. Sometimes a product is great but won’t really work in my kit or I’ve found something that works a little better. What do I do with all the makeup I don’t use? I share with my friends! We do a makeup swap.

Have you ever purchased a great lip gloss but the wrong shade that you’ll never use? Loved a gift with purchase bag but didn’t really care for the products it came with? Instead of adding more clutter to your makeup bag or drawer, see if a friend can use it. Chances are she has a few items she’d love to trade too. This is a great way to organize and also clean out your makeup.

When I do a makeup bag overhaul for clients, the first step is to toss what is old and keep what you actually use. I know sometimes it’s difficult to part with that eye shadow that was $20. Or the fancy name brand blush that you think one day you might use. Swapping is a great way to not lose but gain!

My best friends and I swap makeup, perfume, and even clothes. Everyone brings bags full of goodies and trade. It’s a gulit-free shopping trip! Add some wine and you’ve got an instant girls night! Just give everything a quick once over w/ an anti-bac wipe and you’re good to go!

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