I love the look of a lip stain.  There are soo many different lines that offer great ones.  But if you rather not spend $8-$30+ on one, here are two quick & inexpensive tricks to try out.

1. Apply a dark red/berry lipstick that is very rich in color right before you do your makeup.  After you finish your makeup, remove w/ a tissue.  Voila- instant lip stain.  Add clear gloss if you like, or keep it matte.

2. Use red (cheery or strawberry) Jell-O or Kool-Aid.  Use a Q-tip or lip brush to keep from staining your fingertip.  Mix a little bit of the powder w/ a drop or two of water & apply!  Once again, Voila- instant lip stain!

You can mix the powders with Vaseline, Vitamin E, or Smith’s Rosebud Salve for a great stain/gloss combo.  Keeping the stain mainly on the inner part of your lip will recreate the look of wine stained lips which was huge during NY Fashion Week.


Rather buy a lip stain?  Check out the top editor’s picks here from ShopStyle.  Don’t forget to drop a comment about this trick after you tried it!  Feedback is always appreciated! 

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