Julie & Julia…more than a movie.

This may seem like a movie review from the title of this entry.. but it’s not.  Tonight my fiance & I watched this movie while enjoying leftovers from yesterday’s Christmas party.  A pretty great night in my book I must say.  While I was expecting a sweet romantic comedy to entertain me… I also walked away with a heart full of encouragement to boot!

For those who have no idea what this movie is about, here’s a quick catch up:  Julie Powell writes a blog based on cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook over the course of a year.  Since recently starting a blog, this plot immediately captured my attention.  They both found a way to do what they loved.  Julia, wasn’t always the Julia Child we all know.  She was once a woman with a good idea of turning something she loved into something bigger than herself.  Julie, found her spirit of writing through the guidance of cooking “with Julia”.  I found myself emotional often, tearing up with happy tears of hope.  These women, both real life women, made a big dream an even bigger reality.

My passion is makeup.  It’s pretty simple.  I love being able to transform someone who hasn’t felt good about themself into a confident person who has a new found excited about the showing off their new look.  I love being able to create works of art on a real life canvas.  I love being able to do something well.

It’s more than pretty colors that make my heart race… well sometimes it’s about that too!  But it’s more about meaning something valuable to someone.  I have been blessed to be able to make women feel beautiful, sometimes more beautiful than they’ve ever felt before.  And when I’m lucky enough, I can even help bring out so much beauty.. they can’t stop looking at themselves in the mirror.  That is truly the best!

Back in 1997 when I graduated high school, I started my “professional makeup career” at the Clinique counter at the local Belk dept store.  I was so proud to wear my pristine white lab coat.  I was floored to actually get paid to do makeup!  Now over 12 years later, here I am… wondering… how far can I go?  How big can I dream?

Julia wrote a cookbook that changed the culinary world & became more than a household name.  Julie Powell created her blog, which became a book, which was turned into the movie which sparked this blog entry.  Stay tuned… with the help of God, all of you who support me, & hard work… there will be much more to come!

Cheers to dreaming big!

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