Hair with Silky Finish and Brillant Shine!!!

MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT is a product that I love and use all of the time.  I call it liquid gold in a bottle!  I can’t keep enough of this product in stock.  It is an ultra-light formula which is absorbed by the hair instantly resulting in a natural, silky finish and brillant shine without leaving a residue.  Moroccanoil is great for all hair types, controls frizz, takes 40% off your drying time, it’s a heat protectant, and it smells awesome!  Just remember, a little goes along way.  After shampooing and conditioning, start with the size of a a nickel or quarter, depending on your hair texture and the amount of hair you have.  Distribute the product through your hands, then through the hair as evenly as you can, and comb through.  Then use your normal styling products and dry.  Once the hair is dry, I like to add a few drops for added shine and to calm down any frizz.  This is really awesome stuff.  For more information, check out .

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  • Nora Fleming Lee says:

    I have used this product for over a year and LOVE IT! It leaves my hair very soft, light and shiny, not dry, gunky and heavy like other leave in treatments. One bottle will last a long time, even with every day users. If you have not tried Moroccan Oil (aka Snake Oil- no worries, there's no snake product in there), then shake a leg and join the great hair revolution girls!

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